summer dress

All in Pink {The After Rain}


This pink pleated skirt is actually a dress! It’s a halter top dress. I love the color–very summer appropriate. However, I’ve challenged myself to find ways to style it. For this look, I wanted something comfortable but still dressy so I added a cardigan and waist belt. It has a mod touch. I finished with nude pumps. You can watch how else I styled this dress here !

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Striped Dress & Denim {Among the Trees}


I found this striped dress at the thrift store and I love how versatile it is! It’s striped so it’s already a statement dress. But it can be dressed up or down, and for this outfit I paired it with a denim skirt and orchid flats for a casual/fun look.

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{Simply Mod} In Maroon


I believe that someone’s style says something (big or small) about that someone. While people often find inspiration from others and dress according to how they feel, everyone brings their own uniqueness into the realm of style. For this look, I wanted something simple but still looks nice and put together. I went for this mod maroon dress. It has a beaded collar which completes the outfit (hence, jewelry not needed). I also finished with just simple black pumps.

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Lookbook: Beach Dress & Balloons

Hello Hello !


There is something about balloons that remind me of children–childhood–being young. This shoot was fun but short-lived. Before I could reminisce about my childhood, I found myself looking at the Fall 2013 Fashion collections. The darker hues, the layering, the velvet, and the fur. It amazes me how designers are always a season ahead…perhaps a year ahead. They produce clothes from colors and fabric–from print and sculptures–from architecture and life. (And determine trends). Watching the runway helps me to know what will be in the stores and boutiques the coming season. Yet, it is not the fashion that is put out or the trends that determine an individual. (more…)