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WHITE OUT || Blazer & Booties



I love white during this season. Though black is the main color in my current winter wardrobe, white is the perfect hint of pop. It adds a statement touch to an entire look — a charm it doesn’t usually have during the spring/summer. Nonetheless, here’s a simple outfit. I think it’s a versatile look for this holiday season =)

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Swift the Wind {Stripes & Pink Cardigan}



The weather is getting cooler but I still love dresses. I think dresses are great as long as worn with tights or leggings. This is a casual outfit. I added the cardigan for a relax look. I went with a chunky knit scarf for warmth. I like the subtle boldness from the stripes of the dress. I finished with black booties (which are one of my favorite things in my shoe collection).

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Carry the Blues {Sweater Dress & Leather Boots}

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Grey has been a color that I opt for — not sure if that is because of the gloomy autumn days or the cold autumn weather. Nonetheless, I have come to have a greater appreciation for the color grey. I think it’s actually quite a versatile and neutral color. By neutral, I mean it goes with a lot of other colors. The best thing about grey is that there are many shades of grey which means there will be a grey that goes well with blue versus red.
For this look, I went with a blue denim shirt for the pop of color & collar effect. I finished with faux leather leggings & leather booties.

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