holiday outfit

WHITE OUT || Blazer & Booties



I love white during this season. Though black is the main color in my current winter wardrobe, white is the perfect hint of pop. It adds a statement touch to an entire look — a charm it doesn’t usually have during the spring/summer. Nonetheless, here’s a simple outfit. I think it’s a versatile look for this holiday season =)

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White Shadow || Turtleneck & Statement Maxi



I love this white turtleneck. I think it’s a piece that goes well with almost anything. It’s also thin enough to layer with. (And I do enjoy wearing white after labor day)
Here, I’m wearing with this colorful skirt I mentioned last spring. I love that the white is a base color for this look.

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A Golden Start {Gold Lace & Black}



I hope your Thanksgiving day was great! We should always be grateful and thankful (not just during thanksgiving). Nonetheless, this was an outfit I wore for thanksgiving. It reminds me a lot more of Christmas, but I think the gold with the black is appropriate for any event.

There is also snow!! While I’m not a fan of shoveling, driving in the snow, driving on ice, and having to clean off my car every morning, snow is still beautiful — especially the details on the snow flakes =)

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Lookbook: A Dash of Gold

Hello Everyone! Happy December =)


Yes. That is SNOW! I know…I know. But, it is that time of the year =)

As much as I dislike snow, I do enjoy looking at it…playing in it…and knowing that a snowy day is a day closer to Christmas =)

Here is a look inspired by the holidays. A dash of gold in this midnight look. (more…)