Fall Outfit Ideas

A Blur in the Moment {Faux Fur, Floral & Stripes}



A different take on the trench coat! I added this faux fur vest for more texture and to change the look of the coat. I went with stripes and floral for a mix-n-match look.

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A Sunset Autumn {Sweater & Beanie}



While this time of year is beautiful, I’m reminded about life — there’s birth, there’s death. I like to think of Spring as birth, renewal, change, growth. Autumn, however, is more about reflection, death, reminiscing.

My boyfriend visited me this past weekend and we had some time to shoot with the sun set. It was a short walk along the river but it was a great time to just reflect.

A simple sweater weather outfit =)

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Fall Florals {Floral Skirt & Trench Coat}



I love floral prints, as you can tell from many of my previous posts. I decided to add a flush of floral for this fall outfit. I kept the colors cool and neutral with the blue top and trench coat.

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Lookbook: A Day at the Park in Jeans

FALL FAll Fall fall — Autumn


I can’t believe summer is gone. Autumn is finally here. The weather is chillier; the nights are getting longer; the days are getting shorter. Nonetheless, this look was inspired by Autumn. The colors, the layers, the fabrics. I love the earthy tones of this outfit. And yes, it is time to pull out the scarves, sweaters, and jackets! (more…)