Bowtie Times {Stripes & A bowtie}


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A new outfit for of the day ! This one is menswear inspired. I thought a bowtie would be a great touch to wrap this entire look together =) And, the weather has been warming up which is great ! I feel like it’s spring.

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Fall Florals {Floral Skirt & Trench Coat}



I love floral prints, as you can tell from many of my previous posts. I decided to add a flush of floral for this fall outfit. I kept the colors cool and neutral with the blue top and trench coat.

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{Autumn Edge} Denim Shorts & Booties



Denim shorts are still very appropriate for Fall. I like wearing them with tights and booties. I added a striped top (Yes, I’m still in my striped stage) and a maroon cardigan for extra texture and warmth. I like the edgy touch and casual vibe of this outfit.

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Lookbook: Playground Blues

Happy Sunday!


Though I love incorporating various colors into one outfit, sometimes I like to settle with just one or two. This blue and black outfit is simple, but I love it. People often say don’t match blue and black–but it’s really up to how you put the two colors mix them if you want =) I also like midi skirts. Though I am on the petite side (and people highly recommend not wearing midi skirts) I still think it’s a great skirt length. Plus, the pattern on this skirt is just awesome.

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Lookbook: Mustard & Maroon

The Sun says Hello.


I love a good color combo, and I have to say mustard and maroon is definitely one of my few favorite color combos. This look is simple: leggings, blouse, blazer, booties, and a scarf. As much as cold weather is not for me, I do love winter fashion. =)

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Lookbook: You make me Blush

Hello Hello =)


As I putted on this pink cardigan, I was reminded of how my boyfriend continuously gives me butterflies and makes me blush. So…that inspired the name of this look =)

Nonetheless, this is a simple look. Even if you don’t blush as often as I may…remember that a little smile can bring blush to those cheeks!

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Lookbook: Cute in the Snow

And December is passing me by like the cold winds that blow but I can’t see.


And this. Is one of my favorite winter looks. It’s probably more fall/autumn appropriate but eh…I love tights and sweaters in winter too =)

The thicker sweater definitely helps to keep me warm. The oversize sweater also off balances the fitted tights and the booties, giving this look volume and dimension.