DASH THE COLD {Cowl Sweater & Combat Boots}



It’s winter, we all know. The weather is not warm. It’s a good thing I love sweaters. Here’s a cowl sweater outfit! I’ve been searching for a knit cowl sweater for forever, and I found this at the thrift store (score!). I’ve been opting for simple outfits because of the gloomy weather. I went with beige pants and brown combat boots.

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Remains of You {Vest & Grey Boots}



The holiday season is upon us!! (Which also means a busy busy schedule). Nonetheless, here’s a simple black and white outfit; two colors that I’ve been wearing a lot. I went with this cow-like print blouse and a faux fur vest for extra detail and texture. I added these grey boots for more color variety.

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A Golden Start {Gold Lace & Black}



I hope your Thanksgiving day was great! We should always be grateful and thankful (not just during thanksgiving). Nonetheless, this was an outfit I wore for thanksgiving. It reminds me a lot more of Christmas, but I think the gold with the black is appropriate for any event.

There is also snow!! While I’m not a fan of shoveling, driving in the snow, driving on ice, and having to clean off my car every morning, snow is still beautiful — especially the details on the snow flakes =)

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Dust in the Rain {Boots & Hint of Mint}



I love the rain, but that was not the source of inspiration for this outfit. I wanted to wear these grey boots, and the mint shirt, and the sweater…so after a period of sitting in my closet debating on which one I should wear first, I decided to just clash them all together for this look. Another casual outfit.

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Swift the Wind {Stripes & Pink Cardigan}



The weather is getting cooler but I still love dresses. I think dresses are great as long as worn with tights or leggings. This is a casual outfit. I added the cardigan for a relax look. I went with a chunky knit scarf for warmth. I like the subtle boldness from the stripes of the dress. I finished with black booties (which are one of my favorite things in my shoe collection).

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Let it Set {Sweats & A Sweater}



The Holiday Season is upon us and I am definitely gravitating towards holiday colors: black, red, white, gold, silver. However, I’ve also been quite lazy because of the cold weather that is hitting the northern half of the country. Hence, this sweats and sweater look =) (dressing up the look with a pair of leather booties & adding a red scarf for a pop of color)

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Dashing Out {Scarf & Sandals}



I love the patterns on this dress. They make pairing this dress with neutral colors extremely simple. I can go with white (here), brown, or black. For this outfit I went with a black cardigan, black sandal heels, and a nude brown scarf.

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