Lookbook: Beach Dress & Balloons

Hello Hello !


There is something about balloons that remind me of children–childhood–being young. This shoot was fun but short-lived. Before I could reminisce about my childhood, I found myself looking at the Fall 2013 Fashion collections. The darker hues, the layering, the velvet, and the fur. It amazes me how designers are always a season ahead…perhaps a year ahead. They produce clothes from colors and fabric–from print and sculptures–from architecture and life. (And determine trends). Watching the runway helps me to know what will be in the stores and boutiques the coming season. Yet, it is not the fashion that is put out or the trends that determine an individual.





To continue from my introductory paragraph…I will finish by saying that I admire the differences between fashion designers and fashion stylists. The different collections reveal a little bit about who the designer is and what s/he likes. Nonetheless, I do have my favorites. One of them…Marchesa. =)

Thanks for reading and stopping by! As I am writing this, the sky is raining down a storm. But, I wish you all the best =)

Dress: Target || Belt: Shoplately.com || Earrings: Shoplately.com || Flip Flops: Target (old) || Photographer: Sofia



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