Before The Leaves {The Button Up Poncho}

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I was in Florida this past week visiting my sister and my new nephew! The time was great, but as I was packing up ready to come back up north, I realized that all the leaves on the trees (in Florida) were still green! Though the cold winter is NOT my thing, I love the Autumn leaves =)

A cozy and casual outfit for you.

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Blue Prints {Pencil Skirt & }



I enjoy playing with colors, and sometimes I like to keep them simple. Here’s a simple black, blue, white outfit. I added the blue printed blouse to wrap the entire look. It also adds that pop and texture to the look.

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Out in Black & White



I love cardigans–all kinds of cardigans. Here I paired this long ivory wool cardigan with a body outfit, over-the-knee socks, and black booties. I like that the cardigan makes the outfit casual, while the black is a bit edgy.

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Fall Florals {Floral Skirt & Trench Coat}



I love floral prints, as you can tell from many of my previous posts. I decided to add a flush of floral for this fall outfit. I kept the colors cool and neutral with the blue top and trench coat.

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Shy of the Night {Boots & A Green Scarf}

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I usually gravitate towards my knee-high boots in winter, but I grabbed these boots for this look. I like the down-to-earth/horse-back-riding touch they give the outfit. I wanted something that will polish the outfit while still casual.

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Greys of Autumn



Grey is a color that I’ve been grabbing for in my everyday work wear. It’s definitely a trendy color for this Fall. Aside from that though, I’ve found that grey is a great color to mix and match with. It’s not as light as white and not as dark as black, it’s the perfect color to add some neutrality to a look.

It’s also a nice layering color, hence this grey on grey outfit with a pop of pink =)

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A Vibram Afternoon



I got these vibrams from my boyfriend as a birthday gift. I finally had the chance to try them on. I decided to wear them to go walking and play some basketball (which I don’t ever play). I must confess…I love them!

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